Healing Trauma
"When asked to take on any task or increase my level of responsibility, I used to feel a wave of fear accompanied by a string of negative thoughts, pictures of things going wrong and people being angry with me for letting them down. Working with Peter, we uncovered and cleared a trauma I had with my sister where, as a child, I failed to watch out for her and accidently put her life in danger. After our session, I was asked to lead part of a retreat which required a lot of set-up, team building while involving some danger to all the participants. Instead of experiencing the usual tsunami of disasterous thoughts and gut wrenching internal struggle, I was able to ask myself how can I make this happen and how can I listen to my fear to make this successful? Having my thoughts and fear separate made my choice to lead this easier to make." —MN

"On a Saturday afternoon I was riding with a friend when a speeding van hit us. I was left penned in by the passenger door. I was released from the Emergency Room without any serious injuries, but I was still stunned and upset.  Fortunately I met with Peter later that day and he immediately began his work of clearing me of the shaking fear and anger I was feeling over what had happened. After working with me for about 45 minutes I felt able to go about my life without a sense of shock.  In the days and months after the accident I never felt a sense of trauma nor experienced any body brusing or soreness, in fact I hardly remembered the incident. When three months later the insurance agent asked me for any after effects, I found that I couldn’t list any! This after the local police had described the accident as potentially deadly!" —MK
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