Personal Power
"I see myself more through my own eyes than through the eyes of others. Things such as patterns given by my parents, worrying about disppointing others while losing track of my own wishes, or not being able to make decisions for myself. Working with Peter, I have gained new insights in order to rebuild my inner "self" so that my life is more satisfying and my own." —JM

"I've become braver, calmer, more creative, more focused." —Barbara Bednarz, 54, Certified Brain Gym® Instructor

"I am more conscious of the ways that I have operated unconsciously and that have lacked fulfillment, and am turning that around. I also feel more grounded and connected to myself."
—VC, 53 Management Consultant

"I have better focus and attention to detail for extended periods of time. I am able to break down my goals into manageable parts. I multi-task with greater accuracy and faster timing. I am able to "stop-change-start" new and different behaviors." —GC, 47, Business Owner

"I have more confidence in the decisions that I make. I am no longer willing to spend my time and energy in pursuing things or people that are not in my best interests."
—SL, 58, Analyst  


Peter Kime MA, MFA
Chicago & Evanston
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