Right Livelihood
"I was able to smoothly transition from teaching school to starting my own business and through it seriously intensify the introduction of Brain Gym® to the Chicago area."
—Barbara Bednarz, 54, Certified Brain Gym® Instructor

"Through a series of spirit-filled discussions and exercises where Peter has challenged me to recognize my gifts and talents, and be in touch with my essence, I have been realizing my God-self more. I feel more empowered and have a better sense of personal mission and purpose, and this has helped me to make important decisions in shaping my career."—VC, 53, Management Consultant

"I have found that I am a better leader after working with Peter- learning to communicate my needs and be clear about my expectations has helped me run a business and feel more confident in my decision making process."—JW, 35, Television Producer & Writer

"I am much more open in my communications with people and know better how to reach out to them. I have more confidence in the decisions that I make. I work and function with greater confidence and am more forthright in my actions; by coming across more confident my boss and co-workers react with greater respect for my opinions and my work."—SL, 58, Analyst

Peter Kime MA, MFA
Chicago & Evanston
In-person & by phone
Radiant Touch Therapy
Ixion Radiance Integrations

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