"My relationships have improved and become more genuinely authentic and mutually supportive. Also, I am more allowing of who the other person is and more aware of my role in creating the dynamic between us." —Gabrielle C, 47, Business Owner

"My relationships are more honest and have a sustainable quality that I never thought was possible."—PS

"I have found a way to communicate better in my marriage.  I also find that failures within my family from family members' behaviors don't bother me as much, and I try not to control the outcome of things all the time, as I used to do in the past."
—JW, 35,Television Producer & Writer

"I've learned new ways to communicate with my husband; new ways to get closer to him (and vice versa); new ways to move through tough moments and phases."
—Barbara Bednarz, 58, Brain Gym® Instructor

"Peter has helped be aware of my internal thought processes and how they translate to my behavior and interactions with others. I have a better understanding of what "triggers" I have and how I can deal with them." —AS

"I have become more willing and able to be myself with my loved ones, no longer fearing their reaction and their judgment. This comes from a greater sense of self-confidence and conviction that it's ok to be who I am."—SL, 58, Analyst

Peter Kime MA, MFA
Chicago & Evanston
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