"Peter facilitates changes in your life—personal, professional, emotional, spiritual. He gets you to places you never dreamed of getting to. But it's not passive; he empowers you to do it yourself. He helps you to identify dreams and set goals and work on achieving them. He works with you to build your new reality."—Barbara Bednarz, 54, Brain Gym® Instructor

"Peter is an intuitive listener on the inner realms and helps guide me with compassion, play and a gentle loving heart. He is a courageous spirit and a true model of bringing the Divine into daily life. I am grateful to this wonderful person and teacher. He is showing me how to be all that I am and all that I can be." —Gabrielle C, 47, Business Owner

"A session with Peter is therapy for the new millenium—dealing with issues while incorporating energy work and intuition is the wave of the future, and whether you are looking for better communication in your marriage, or confidence in your work, working with Peter is a helpful and enjoyable experience."—JW, 35,Television Producer & Writer

"I have utter confidence in Peter's ability to help bring about desired changes in me. He has the ability to touch the core of a person, to detect their ˜weaknesses" and then offer effective ways to become different and react with strength and in a more positive manner. He teaches me to handle situations and people differently. The end result is that I learn better ways to communicate, to maintain my self-respect and my dignity."—SL, 58, Analyst

"Peter creates a safe environment to make self-discoveries. He has the ability to negotiate between the truth, and unhealthy patterns and excuses. He also teaches you how to avoid falling back into old patterns that escape tough feelings. He gives you insight to make those emotions and places seem easier to handle." —PS

Peter Kime MA, MFA
Chicago & Evanston
In-person & by phone
Radiant Touch Therapy
Ixion Radiance Integrations

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