Radiant Touch Therapy
Ixion Radiance Integrations
Radiant Touch Therapy
Ixion Radiance Integrations
Peter Kime MA, MFA
Chicago & Evanston
In-person & by phone
Typical Session—Continued

As I am working with you I offer reeducations at both the informational and energetic field levels. These are both on and off body and can be achieved long distance (I have worked with people in and out of the United States). For those of you who are interested in developing your own capacity to reeducate your information fields and

modulate your energetic body, I will guide you in a variety of techniques during our session (Radiance Training). I also teach workshops where you can more fully develop these capacities.
      Our work together will include coaching in the mental and emotional domains to integrate what we’ve done together energetically and spiritually. We consider what you're learning about yourself, what your needs are, and how you plan to meet those needs. In some cases cognitive inefficiences may be part of your challenge. When this is indicated, working in affiliation with the American Institute for Learning and Cognitive Development, I offer a complete
evaluatory test and coach you in specific reme-
diation/enhancement games and activities.
     We conclude each session by identifying
specific resonant life actions for you to take.

A resonant life action is an action that both holds
the resonance of the work you’ve done and for-
wards your development and goals. Sometimes
I make one of several types of Radiance
for you to work with and self-
integrate between sessions. (back)

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