Radiant Touch Therapy
Ixion Radiance Integrations
Radiant Touch Therapy
Ixion Radiance Integrations

Whether in person or by phone, our work begins with identifying your goals and unfolds from there as I listen and “scan the fields” for what we need to pay attention to first. Every session is very organic as we move between domains. Sometimes I am led to address the energetic or spiritual planes, first uncovering energetic blocks that are released by certain touch point reeducations and rebalances. (In phone sessions, I guide you to open the points and I dedicate a reeducation pattern to you). Working at the light body level, I identify issues in the morphogenetic fields where trauma imprints or dysfunctional beliefs are interfering with your optimal function and consciousness. Other times we need to begin in the psychological domain, looking at both your mental and emotional responses to your situation.  

Peter Kime MA, MFA
Chicago & Evanston
In-person & by phone
Victor & Me
As we proceed in the session, I guide you in certain verbal and non-verbal processes. These might include completing specific sentence stems that follow a sequence to uncover a root belief. Sometimes I will have you draw a picture, as pictures often reveal more than the conscious mind can control. Other times I will tap points on the body or instruct you in a movement or series of breaths that will open us onto what is underneath—perhaps a forgotten trauma, hidden negative belief or inherited self-sabotaging behavioral pattern. In some cases I will take you down a time line, either into the future or past, to access the field we need to explore. (more)
Typical Session