In 1999 I was able to throw away my glasses after having been near-sighted for 25 years. It came as yet another powerful demostration of the mind-body connection, a connection I began searching for when I was 23 after having had back surgery two ruptured discs. The surgery had cleared my sciatic nerve from permenant damage as far as function went, but two years later the doctors still could do nothing for the pain. After 4 more years of nightly ice packs, chiropractic adjustments, massage, and ultra-sound, I was still merely managing my condition. At times I wore a back brace and attended my graduate courses lying on the floor as sitting for long periods was intolerable. I came across a book, Mind Over Back Ache by Dr. Sarno, and for $3.50 figured what's there to lose. I read the book twice and as the concepts of the book sunk in, my pain disappeared. For the next year I would get minor bouts of pain but I had developed a method of clearing my stress and within an hour I would be pain free. Needless to say I became a believer in the power of the mind to affect the body.
     My graduate work was in creative writing and art, though as an undergraduate I had excelled at biochemistry and philosophy. To me, in one respect, the three disciplines had the same goal: understanding reality. In school, I was asking how we make meaning through words and narrative, how this red line revealed truth, how at the level of quantum physics one particle could be in two places at the same time. But these questions were more than academic to me. Despite the fact that I had been in the top of my class throughout high school and college, for years I suffered from a sense of emptiness, depression, and inner pain. If I could just understand how things worked, maybe I could fix myself. At age 9 I had been diagnosed as having "minimal brain dysfunction" (a form of ADD in today's terms); at age 24 I went on anti-depressants. The psychiatrist said I would be on these all my life; inside I said, "maybe a couple of years. " (next)

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Peter Kime, MA, MFA, creator of Quantum Radiance Lightware™, is a healer, spiritual life coach, artist-alchemist, and teacher. For 18 years he has worked with people to help them realize success in their personal expression and power, well-being, relationships, and careers. In 1998 he developed Radiant Touch Therapy and Ixion Radiance Integrations to facilitate integrated healing and growth in the spiritual, psychological, and physical-energetic domains. He provides insight, coaching, and multi-dimensional field reeducations both in person and by phone. He has appeared on television and radio, and offers training and workshops around the country.