You are a Radiant Being—a Divine Agent of Divine Love. Your human inheritance is a Radiant Heart and a Divine Essence. Awakening to this identity initiates changes in consciousness and activates latent multi-dimensional faculties. Living in and from your Radiant Center gives you the capacity to engage in life more effectively, more lovingly, more powerfully, more gloriously. I mean this in the most literal way, for your Radiant Faculties allow you to disintegrate fear, doubt, and shame, increase your stamina and mental functioning, transmute the pain of loss, and radiate healing and compassion to yourself and others. Choosing to live Radiantly means empowering your Heart's Vision, whether at work, at home, or in your community, and in doing so, creating greater love on the planet.
     In my work with people I address the psychological and cognitive domains, but I do so inside the context of your Human Radiance. We will confront your challenges— past trauma, disempowering beliefs, inherited dysfunctional patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors—and I will help you to formulate strategies for creating a truly satisfying life. As I work to balance and revitalize your energetic body as well as clear multi-dimensional blocks and negative imprints, I guide and instruct you in ways to awaken to higher octaves of consciousness. My goal is for you to gain greater and greater capacity to stay Radiant Centered and Heart Directed, living your most Radiant Life, doing what is Divinely yours to do.

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