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Get a Raydiant Jump
in the Spring!

Come to a Raydiant Jump, a Quantum Field workshop for personal transformation, and produce powerful results in your life with velocity and ease. Raydiant Lightware™ is a cutting-edge new visual technology, an easy-to-use tool which contains visual designs that resonate with your quantum lightbody to clear negative life patterns and reboot your higher information for health and success.

Experience using this transformational tool to:

     Quantum jump your ability to truly thrive
     Quantum jump your energy and confidence
     Quantum jump your joy and satisfaction

Led by Peter Kime, spiritual life coach, multi-dimensional healer, and creator of Raydiant Lightware™. Peter has helped people create satisfaction in their personal and professional lives for over 20 years. Working in the information and energetic domains, he helps you release self-sabotaging behavior, heal trauma from neglect or abuse, and reconnect with your radiant center to live according to your higher truth and divine possibilities.

Come with goals in your life that need a reboot, and experience what you can achieve with Raydiant Lightware™. For more information, see Raydiant Lightware™ or visit Raydiant Day.

$25 early registration, $35 at the Door.

Look for dates in March
1:30 - 5:30pm
Locations TBD

Visit the Calendar at to Register