After extensive training in and use of Geotran, a language for affecting multi-dimensional change, in 1997 I underwent an awakening in consciousness. This awakening left me able to perceive the dynamics of the energetic and information fields that in-form our reality. While Geotran offered me a set of effective codes, I began to work out the rules for writing such code. After a year and a half and 2 to 3 hours sleep per night I was able to articulate Ixion. Rather than give you preset codes for reeducating your field, Ixion is a grammar that gives you the rules by which to compose a resonant field yourself. (Instead of giving you "sentences," I teach you the rules for writing sentences, i.e. a grammar.)
      The name Ixion is a combination of Ix and ion. Ix comes from the name of a Mayan star glyph, with the qualities "heart knowing," "integrity," "alignment with divine will," "jaguar," and the "torch bearer." Ix is "the architect, diviner, mystic builder, mathematician, shaman, healer." Ix is also associated with the eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye sometimes understood as passage into other dimensions. Ix oversees intiation into a more expanded hologram of experience as well as the mysteries of lineage, the use of symbols and metaphors and the evocation of divine archetypal energies. Ion is a term from chemistry for an atom or molecule that has acquired a net electric charge. Because of its charge, such a particle or molecule is interactive. Ixion supports you in creating your life according to the Divine Songs within your Heart in alignment with the Divine songs of Divine Source.
       I teach Ixion through resonant pictograms that are read by your Heart Mind and Solar Eye. The "memorization" process is not a cognitive event but rather is achieved through the activation of Solar faculties through specific movements that allow you to easily learn the grammar (everyone I've taught has learned very easily; my oldest student was in her 80s). You can compose a field to support any endeavor in life as well as compose fields which support the healing and clearing of trauma both physical and psychological. You can begin to help yourself with even an introductory level knowledge of the grammar.

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