I offer a free 20-minute consultation to answer questions and consider how I might be of help to you. Before the consultation, please identify your primary goals. If you're having trouble formulating a specific goal, complete the following sentence stem: "One thing I'd like to have in my life is...." Then repeat, "Another thing I'd like to have in my life is..." Complete the sentence stem several times and see how that information can help you identify some specific goals.

I believe in "right fits" and "right timing." My goal on the call is to give you a good sense of me and my service as well as for me to see if I believe I can truly be of help. If we do agree to work together, I will identify life actions for you to take in preparation for our initial session.

While physical disease has a spiritual, energetic, and psychological component, I do not treat or diagnose physical illness. From time to time I do provide coaching in nutrition but this is aimed at strengthening your overall well-being, not at curing any physical disease. While you may experience improvement in the physical domain during our work together, please continue to seek proper care for any illness you have.

You may contact me by phone at 847-869-6477. Leave a message if I'm not available. In addition to your name and number, please leave me good times to call you back.

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