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Visitor Webinars
Raydiant Day Intro ~ FREE
Awareness Pathway: gain insight and awareness of the dynamics moving in you
Chakra Pathway: tune and balance two primary chakras and your whole system
Wave Pathway: bring a specific intention to forward a goal or shift an issue
Thematic Pathway: get support to be more fit for your life mission

Live Events
Raydiant Jumps*
Dates for this special introduction to Raydiant Day and Raydiant Lightware are being scheduled in Chicago and Milwaukee this Spring.

Experience using Raydiant Lightware™, a cutting edge visual technology that operates at the quantum level for releasing limiting beliefs, stopping self-sabotaging behaviors, clearing trauma and reconnecting with your higher blueprint for success.

Peter Kime MA, MFA
Chicago & Evanston
In-person, by phone & skype
Radiant Touch Therapy
Ixion Radiance Integrations
radiant life maps
radiant life portraits
multi-dimensional integrations for healing and success