Knowing Heart: Quantum Radiance Lightware™ Radiance Training
September 12th & 13th

The yearning of your Soul to create and experience love is the Creator’s greatest gift to you. Your Soul expresses this yearning through the faculty of your Heart, and every intention you have can benefit from its radiance and guidance. Activate your solar capacity to transform yourself and your dynamic with those around you in this 10 hour Quantum Radiance Lightware Radiance Training. (more)

Activate Your Solar Radiance: Receive the Upgrade of New 27th Letter

In this 2-hour experiential presentation you will learn about the Galactic Creation Cycle, the role of the new letter, and some the new words using it. You will have a chance to begin activating your higher consciousness and higher suprasensory faculties as part of your capacity as a Divine Agent of Divine Love. (more)

Gaia Spirit Circle

Anchor cooperative harmony on the planet. Aliess Kime will lead the group in Mayan star glyph mudra, meditative prayer, talking stick and discussion of the evolutionary opportunity of 2012. Receive support for your individual goals and projects as you envision a world that works for everyone...(more)

Passionate Radiance Radiant Passion—Level One

Develop your ability as a radiant alchemist! For individuals and couples who wish to experience the transformational energies of their radiant faculties. Click here for more information.


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