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Radiant Life Maps are maps for realizing your Radiant Future. Your Radiant Future is the future that serves your highest good and in turn serves the highest good of all life. It is a reality that is Universally Aligned and Divinely Ordered, one that calls for greater and greater expression of your Divine Essence and the realization of your Soul's agreements.
     Working in partnership with your Master Self, your Inner Guides and Teachers, I map out a terrain of development that will keep you on the path of your Radiant Future. I've encoded feedback where you are drifting, distracted, or succumbing to lower resonant desires that don't serve you. With this I provide keys to help you make better choices and stay disciplined where you need to be.
     Your Radiant Life Map will also direct you with respect to upcoming challenges that you need to prepare for and aspects of your self that you need to develop, as
well as provide you with resonant integration code that will help in that development. In some instances this involves activating certain Radiant Faculties. 
     A map is generally relevant anywhere from 3 to 9 months, depending on where you are in your life process and what we open up in session. I offer instruction in breathwork and other protocols to help you get the most out of your Radiant Life Map.
radiant life map
Peter Kime MA, MFA
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Radiant Life Maps
Radiant Life Map I made for my wife, Aliess
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