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Raydiant Lightware™ is a revolutionary new tool for the rapid repatterning of the human light body. Repatterning your light body back to your own highest information allows you to shift to higher and higher levels of function. Raydiant LIghtware™ is activated by your intention, and its use is guided by your own Higher Intelligence. You can follow simple or more in-depth pathways to create greater satisfaction and success in any area of your life including work, finances, relationships, health, fitness, habits, and learning new skill sets. One sample of a lightware panel available to subscribers on my new website, Raydiant Day is shown below.



"Open to Receive"

What is Raydiant Lightware™ and what does it do?
Raydiant Lightware provides you with a set of resonant designs that operate within the morphogenetic fields where the archetypal patterns of your past, present, and future are stored. It is these fields that shape and guide what comes into being. The resonant designs and patterns in Raydiant Lightware contain universal information to activate your higher raydiant faculties while helping you clear the negative field imprints left from fear, pain, neglect, and trauma. Clearing these imprints helps you to release negative beliefs and attitudes that produce self-sabotaging behavior. Each lightware panel contains a coordinated matrix of designs to provide an integrated restoration across several of the light body fields, including the physical-energetic, emotional, mental, will, soul, and spirit body domains. Repatterning the light body with Raydiant LIghtware facilitates powerful shifts in consciousness, behavior, and healing.

Using Raydiant Lightware™
Each lightware offering online will present you with an interactive matrix of information encoded in geometries, path lines, and interactive labyrinths. These designs work in a coordinated fashion to repattern your light body for the intended purpose. You begin the process by declaring a positive intention and then enter the field. Guided by your intuitive Higher Intelligence, you view the various shapes and geometries, tracing paths in and around the labyrinths. You may follow the lines and contours with your eyes or your mouse. All it requires is a simple allowing and using your mouse to move to the designs you are drawn to view.

Types of Raydiant Pathways
Use the Chakra Pathway to facilitate charging, balancing and tuning your chakras and chakra system; the Awareness Pathway to gain recognition of things you have shifted following other healing modalities or sessions; five Open Pathways to choose from for any positive intention you create; and Thematic Pathways with lightware to assist you in reaching your best intention for things like being Fit for Your Life Mission, being the Hero in your own life, and creating Vital R&R. For an experience of what it's like to use Raydiant Lightware™, click on "Try This" at left and follow the instructions.

Hi~Q Activator
The Hi~Q Activator is a pocket/purse sized Raydiant Lightware™ tool that you can use to activate your higher intelligence for a goal or access the wisdom of your inner heart. (more)

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Raydiant Lightware™
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