Peter Kime
archetype radiance pictogram

Archetypes are information patterns which provide parameters for specific modes of being and pathways of development. These parameters define a set of characteristics, capacities, development dynamics, and sequencing of unfoldment. For human beings, these parameters define heart ray function, modes of consciousness, dynamics of personality, information reception, and body energetics, including auric body and chakra system function. Additionally, archetypes coordinate physical, emotional, mental, energetic, soul and spirit body functions inside the pattern parameters.
      Radiant Archetype Lightware (RAL) provide a resonant
template of a specific archetype. RAL gives you direct access to
the specific archetype field along with
resonant content keys for activating the
pattern. The new pattern awakens latent
faculties and facilitates shifts in your
ground of being, perception, knowing,
and feeling.
      RAL works at a very deep level and
are only indicated at specific points in
one's development. I provide guidance
and instruction as you work with the RAL
over a period of months.

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