disintegrate fear

Interactive Raydiant Lightware calls for a more active participation on your part to integrate and reeducate yourself. I design these for a variety of purposes, including clearing specific trauma imprints, releasing fear, and disintegrating shame and guilt. Some are designed to integrate for a certain trait, such as courage, compassion, or clarity. Some help you to reintegrate exiled aspects of self, parts that may have been traumatized or stigmatized during childhood. In some instances, I design an IRL for activating certain higher faculties.
      In an IRL I have created a resonant information field of shapes, lines, and patterns that you find your way through, integrating yourself as you go. In some
cases you start at a specific shape and
find a path out of the field (left). In others,
you weave a path connecting 2 or 3
resonant shapes (next).
     I design the pictogram with respect to
a specific goal you have. The process
generally takes 3 to 9 weeks depending
on the goal and your engagement—as in
all things in life, you get out as much as
you put in!

Disintegrate Fear #09
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