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New Hi~Q



Hi~Q Activator
It takes just a few moments touching the design patterns on the front side and your activator becomes a keyboard for switching on higher archetypal patterns for healing, evolution, creation, and love for your intention. This process also synchronizes your intention with the field of Divine timing for the most universally aligned outcome. Use this before meetings, events, meditation, even love making to bring your best self forward.

Use the back side, or Quest Song side, to facilitate direct access to deeper and deeper levels of heart knowing. Linking your conscious agency to the Source of Love within, this side of the activator accesses the field your Soul agreements, your Master intelligence for service and love, the radiance capacity of your heart, as well as activates the field of your DNA for transformation.

Take this pocket activator with you to switch on your higher intelligence for any situation or use it to quest into your Heart for answers from the Source of your connection with Higher Love.

Comes with complete instructions. Durable and ready to go (3.5" x 3.5" thin as a credit card).

$15 for one; best deal, $25 for two. Call 847-869-6477 to order.