Connect with your purpose and access your power to attract and create success

Reclaim your passion and courage

Dissolve limiting beliefs and stop
self-sabotaging behaviors

Identify the steps you need to take
and the ways you need to develop

Grow in strength and confidence

Stay motivated and inspired

Learn from your setbacks and go forward more capable and determined

Celebrate your victories along the way and be nourished in your success

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Peter Kime MA, MFA
Chicago & Evanston
In-person & by phone
Radiant Touch Therapy
Ixion Radiance Integrations

Right livelihood is expressing your Heart's purpose in the world, whether in your current position or through a new avenue. Right livelihood will lead you to heal and evolve yourself as you heal and evolve the world. You can trust that fulfilling your Heart's purpose will lead you to success as it is Divine Design that you prosper.
     Committing to your Heart's purpose is just the first step, however; realizing it, takes courage, faith, dedication and development. It also takes planning, and, often, healing, guidance, and support. As part of your support, I work on a number of levels. At the Spirit plane, I listen for higher guidance from your Inner Guides and Teachers as well as help you come to know the Truth of your Master Self. I help you identify and clear
both ancestral and contemporary limiting
beliefs. I clear trauma imprints that may be
hindering your progress and help you to
see and disintegrate self-sabotaging be-
haviors. I work with you to map out a course
of action and help you to stay inspired and
effectiv in carrying it out. To support your en-
tire process, I design Radiant Life Maps™,
Radiant Life Portraits™and other
Quantum Radiance Lightware™.  (back)   

Right Livelihood: Passion + Purpose = Prosperity