Sometimes we know we need to make a change, but we lack confidence and motivation. A colleague of mine says we need three things to change: acceptance, a plan, and support. I would add to that a connection with possibility. In our work together I help you to uncover false beliefs that are robbing you of your sense of possibility. I help you to clear false conclusions you've drawn about yourself, others, and life—conclusions that steal your confidence and drain away your motivation. Free from these mistaken constructs, a truly open playing field becomes available. Standing in that clearing, you can create a future that is designed by your Heart, and your true potential. This future has an inspirational power that brings with it energy and renewed optimism.
     In order to support your success in living into your vision, I check for potential challenges in the emotional and cognitive domains. These might include childhood trauma as well as developmental issues in cognition (cognitive inefficiencies produce negative emotional states and negative self-esteem). For those of you where cognitive issues may be a significant factor, I offer a comprehesive evaluation in affiliation with the American Institute for Learning and Cognitive Development. This evaluation gives you a quantified picture of your ability and performance in 14 cognitive functions. Based on what we find, I support you in games and activities to strengthen your areas of weakness.
     Together we will work to design a plan for realizing your goals. I offer continued support to clear issues as they come up. And they will. Not because you are failing, but because you are moving forward. Your goals will make demands on you, take you into new territory in yourself and in your abilities. They will force you to look at what doesn't work, and at what needs healing and development. Throughout I will help you bring com-passion to yourself while reconnecting you to your truly Potent and Indestructible Self.

Peter Kime MA, MFA
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