Trauma, whether big or small, can have a lasting negative effect on our lives. Beyond the painful event itself, trauma leaves behind negative imprints and false neuroassociations. Coupled with the physical experience of pain, our emotional responses of fear, terror, and panic create imprints at a number of levels of memory including the morphogenetic fields. Experiences with a similar profile of the trauma, or even just a component of it, will trigger the imprints and the negative feelings that come with them. Consciously and unconsciously, we begin to avoid experiences, sometimes whole categories of experience, to avoid retriggering those feelings. Paradoxically, at the field level, these imprints actually attract more trauma (like attracts like), setting us up for more of the same, which is part of the reason we seem to "never learn" when it comes to some negative outcomes in our lives.
     Neuroassociations formed at the time of the event likewise negatively shape our future. Neuroassociations are causes we assign to the event. These are conclusions we draw, meanings we construct, about what happened. Neuroassociations can result in limiting beliefs about the self (that I slipped and fell proves that I am clumsy) or false beliefs about others, things, even life itself (this accident proves how unfair life is). Negative neuroassociations can become a damaging lense of false beliefs through which you experience life. If left uncleared, negative trauma imprints and false neuro-associations will attract more trauma and contaminate your future experiences and actions, limiting who you can become and what your life can be.
Working at emotional and mental levels, as well as the body energetic and information field levels, I facilitate a fully integrated trauma healing. Lifting out imprints and exposing the false neuroassociations I help return you to a pretrauma state while helping you understand what you need to learn from the experience. Trauma clearing work can reveal and disintegrate long standing self-sabotaging, negative beliefs. People experience a reconstitution of themselves, free of fear and ready to fully engage in life.


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